6.6.2011 :
new commercial release from uhitokiyosue aka mesa.elech.tele
soundtracks made for a restaurant in tokyo, "Les Redez-vous de Tokyo"

iTune Store
Amazon (Japan)
Sampler by kaxxi

uhitokiyosue :

3.14.2011 :
nibble(iphone) is released.

you can download "nibble" music sampler for iphone at iTunes Store

koutaro fukui :

3.03.2011 :
modAxis(iPad) Ver.2 is released.

This version includes 4th Tap(for locking the object's position)
and OSC output (for controlling another device 's parameter by OSC protocol)
you can download "modAxis OSCtoMIDI "application from here(mac).

Also, we will release other unique music application using with modAxis.

koutaro fukui :

2.23.2011 :
New Application prototype 'ViSpMo' is released on youtube:

koutaro fukui :

11.19.2010 :
modAxis iPad Application release:

koutaro fukui :

11.02.2010 :
iPhone Application release:

koutaro fukui :

08.09.2010 :
new links :

koutaro fukui :

flaub :

3.5.2010 :
release :

koutaro fukui - clatmtm

rainbosws - h

12.21.2009 :
news :

the website has been renewed...

12.01.2009 :
news :

koutaro fukui released his new album,
"Gently Touching The Conception"
from france-based label, SEM.